Profiles for joinery with high energy efficiency

 Alphacan is certified ISO 9001 version 2015 that means answering any innovation process  in an endless research for innovation too.


Thermal insulation

The low thermal conductivity of PVC gives Alphacan profiles an excellent insulation which will result in significant savings in their applications in the building sector.


Acoustic comfort

The design of Alphacan profiles provides solutions to meet the highest acoustic requirements as well as a  maximum comfort.


Air and water thightnexss

The proven expertise in the design and coextrusion of flexible joints allow Alphacan profile systems to achieve high levels of tightness.



Alphacan products its own PVC formulations which are certified according to the European standard EN 12608-1 (Climat S). This guarantees  an excellent resistance either  to natural aging or atmospheric agents.


Fire resistance

The formulation of the PVC confers  intrinsic properties of fire resistance, it is  auto-extinguishable and does not propagate the flame. These performances can   still be  strengthened thanks to additives in case of specific or particular applications.


A multi-purpose design

Alphacan  profiles,  modern or classic designs, adapt perfectly to any architectural environment.
For new or under-renovation  constructions, you will find a technical and esthetic answer  to your customer’s request.


Ecology and environment

Alphacan  PVC  is completely recyclable. Its  assembly line is protective for  the environment  when considering energy consumption.

A reduced maintenance

PVC is easy to clean. A simple sponge is enough, either  for  white or colored products.


Easy to install

The Alphacan  solutions range  take into account the installers’ constraints , they match with the most common and  casual  circumstances either in new or under-renovation buildings.